“I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the leggings and I wear them at least once a week.”

Sarah Wolff, Brooklyn, NY


“I can't believe these leggings, they literally feel like butter on my legs.”

  • Jessica Fertig, Telluride, CO (brakes on leggings)


    "These pants are everything. EVERY. THING. EVERYTHING. They're so light and yet are thick enough I never worry someone is getting a peek at my underthings. I accepted your challenge and wore them to work. I have never felt like more of a girl boss. Maybe I'll leave for meetings late on purpose so I have an excuse to scurry. Maybe I'll run up and down the 11 flights of stairs a lunch. WHO KNOWS, THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER.

    Thank you for making amazing pants for active, professional people. You guys are my #wcw. I'm already bullying all my friends into buying them."

  • Jen Soza

  • “I don't even understand what happened when I put on these pants (turn it up pants) ! They fit. No... they really fit. Everywhere. That has never happened in my entire life. And the feel is amazing! Thank you.”

  • Maria


    “I wanted to let you know the Throw & Roll Leggings are the best leggings I have ever owned! They are super comfortable, flattering, edgy and the fabric is so good!! And look, I have bought hundreds of leggings out there... I have 3 pairs of black, 1 navy and I might have to get the grey now.”

  • Juliana Nakagawa


    “I want you and your team to know how much I love my ADAY clothes.  This summer and fall have been challenging weather-wise which always translates into "what do I wear??!!"

    It's a breeze with my ADAY collection. I always feel pulled together. I get compliments because the clothes work.”

  • Jana Moorman, Westport, CT


    “Please, please please!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my Pleat & Repeat tank and get compliments all the time and I “need” (yes need.. ha!!!! need is a relative word) a winter shirt in black in a microfiber material!!!!!

    Please make the something borrowed shirt in black! Thank you!!”

  • Jane Epstein, New York, NY


    "I am in awe of your To the Point tunic. It literally made so many of my dormant skirts so much more wearable, and sleeker, and classier. I love the cut and the make...it allows me to downsize my closet while actually upgrading the quality and versatility of my wardrobe. Great find!"


    "It's been so hard to find clothing in wearable, breathable, non-wrinkle-able fabrics in modern but classic flattering cuts and styles.

    So, Yay, you're here! And even better, you're not just a brand, you're a life philosophy!

    Good luck to you, and I'll do whatever I can to get the word out, which you guys totally deserve."

  • JD Beltran, San Francisco, CA


    “ADAY is keeping me fully outfitted in my pregnancy. Without you I'd be naked”

  • Robin Berzin


    “Just got my first pair yesterday and haven’t taken them off since. these leggings are the real deal.”

  • Jessica  Lovejoy


    “Best. Purchase. Ever. I have been wearing them for three days straight (is that still acceptable?)”

  • Lisa Matzi

  • Anne Sage


    “Without exaggerating, I can tell you that I get asked about the Like A Boss sweatshirt almost every time I wear it. It’s such an eye-catcher!”